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"I enjoy Karina's classes, where the whole experience is your own, to push yourself or take it easy.  I completed the Camino de Santiago last year, and feel it was helped considerably by my yoga practice.  I attended Karina's classes regularly for a few months prior to going and the yoga helped not just physically with stretching after each day, but with my breathing and my mental attitude. I am grateful to have found Karina and her classes."

 Dianne Sutherland

"Thank you for such a beautiful class tonight Karina. I normally avoid yin classes as it can irritate my lower back but the class tonight was gentle and relaxing while still allowing to stretch out the body. Loved moving through breath. Namaste."

  Michelle Kerr

"I am no yoga expert (very much a novice) but from a participants perspective you deliver your class at such a high professional standard.

Your communication is clear and concise and you have a very calming voice that is encouraging and supportive.  The fact you live and breathe yoga you are able to demonstrate each technique with control and ease; your transitioning is done with grace and flare.  Your passion and enjoyment for yoga is genuine.   You relate to all levels and this makes those that attend your classes feel confident and competent to challenge themselves.  I really enjoyed your class and I hope to attend on a regular basis."

  Deb Davidson

"Feeling amazing after a wonderful session of yoga today with Karina Gough of Flow Yoga!!! If you are into yoga or want to give it go for the first time check out Karina's classes. I love the way she balances mindfulness and relaxation with a great physical yoga work-out that builds strength, balance AND flexibility."

  Janine Ogg


"Thank you very much for your patient and unrushed yoga sessions.  I’ve learned much during your sessions and I’m sure I speak for many in sayig you are a key part of their yoga practice."

  Peter Caldwell


"Karina has a great teaching style with a conscious, adaptable and genuine approach. I always come away from her classes feeling regenerated. I Definitely recommend attending one of her classes! Thanks heaps Karina!"

  Tulletha Pollet-Scott


"My first hot rock this morn & it was wicked! I loved it thank you Karina. Hope to make the next one!"

  Harata Dean


"I've recently discovered Karina's Chair Yoga classes and found them to be an ideal form of exercise for my arthritic joints.  Karina presents things clearly and simply, giving options for those less able.  Her tone is also very calming.  I wish I could get along to sessions more regularly."

  Anita Gough


"Karina’s approach to her classes allows me to be guided by her instruction while at the same time trusting that I should listen to my body. She is very approachable and offers explanation of the more mechanical aspects of the poses as well as the ideas and principles behind the philosophy of yoga. I have learned so much and really appreciate her giving spirit which makes yoga accessible for everyone. I have a lot more to learn and look forward to her accompanying me further on my yoga journey"

  Joanne Waitoa


"Karina is a supportive, encouraging, enlightened yoga teacher. She has helped me grow in my personal yoga practice so much. Her style of teaching enables everyone in the class to feel included regardless of ability. I always leave her classes feeling rejuvenated and accomplished."

  Brooke Hoskins


"So relaxing. Attending Karina's classes has made me realise how much tension I often carry around without realising it. Every class has an intent and you leave understanding what you've done for your mind and body."

  Rachel Van Doorn












Pregnancy Yoga

"As a woman who's just done pregnancy yoga with Karina for my entire pregnancy I highly recommend. Her classes helped me no end through my pregnancy and have given me strength for a quick recovery post birth. A must for pregnancy"

  KJ Liddle

"I truly believe the breathing techniques I learnt with you and the habit I built up for using affirmations made a world of difference. I was able to trust my body and have the home birth I had planned for. Thank you!"

  Holly Roberts

"Karina is the most caring person and portrays this in every moment and every single one of her yoga classes.  She is extremely professional and knowledgeable and caters to everyone's needs.  I loved each varied class and used them as a way to mentally and physically tune in to this special time."

  Belinda Broughton

"Winnie was born in the comfort of our own home which was marvellous, intense, but totally 100% worth it. Everything I learnt at Pregnancy Yoga came into play, especially with positions and breathing during contractions and the actual birth."

  Tracy Wilson


"I did pregnancy yoga classes lead by Karina from 15 weeks pregnant until the day before I gave birth. The breathing and poses I found invaluable both in pregnancy and during labour and I'm very grateful to Karina for her expertise in this field. Yoga is a must for anyone having children and I can't recommend Karina enough."

  Kylie Milligan


“Karina, I just wanted to say a huge thanks for your pregnancy yoga sessions. As a first time mum, I found them extremely helpful during pregnancy, labour and birth. I believe I was able to have a natural birth with no medical intervention or pain relief because of the positions, breathing exercises and mantras I learnt through you.  I’d never practiced yoga before but you made me feel welcome and comfortable. I highly recommend these to every mum-to-be as it kept me in a positive mind frame throughout pregnancy and birth and I'm sure I'll still use many of the exercises!”  

  Hayley Sinton


"Without you I don't think I would have been as cool as I was giving birth to Amelia. All you taught me helped so much. She did arrive pretty quickly. But I kept my breathing up and some poses through contractions and I gave birth naturally at home."

  Elizabeth Denholm


"I was initially a little shy about joining preggy yoga as I didn’t know anyone else going and I hadn’t done any yoga for years. However, Karina makes everyone feel so welcome and is an excellent teacher. I absolutely recommend this low-impact, relaxing class to any potential Mum – both as a bit of “time out” as well as excellent prep for labour and all that follows.”

  Ali Philps


“I started Karina's antenatal yoga class at 28 weeks and attended my last class 3 days before my son was born.  This was my third pregnancy, and it was fabulous. I felt fit, comfortable and most importantly relaxed and mentally and physically prepared for the birth, which I believe was largely due to attending antenatal yoga classes. I had a fantastic labour and planned home birth.’’

  Sally McKay


“I highly recommend Prenatal Yoga with Karina, she is fantastic.  It really helped me with breathing, visualisation, staying positive and recognising that birthing my baby is a very natural process that our mind and body can do very efficiently, especially if you relax and go with it.  I stayed home and gave birth to my baby girl only 2 days ago, I’m not going to lie it still very much tested me but I didn’t even think once about pain relief or going to the hospital, something I never imagined doing before my discussions and classes with Karina.”

  Jessica Collins


“Pregnancy Yoga is a fantastic way to be at one with your mind, body and baby.  Karina creates the perfect environment to just ‘be present’.”

  Carmel Harris


“I loved taking Karina's classes during my pregnancy. They helped prepare me not only physically for what was to come but also mentally which was really important. Each class left me feeling relaxed, calm and clear headed. I would recommend her classes to any pregnant mums.  I've tried a couple of different pregnancy yoga classes and Karina's are by far the most rewarding and beneficial."

  Rachel Van Doorn


“The VBAC went perfectly and she was born naturally without any pain medication.  Thank you so much.  I definitely found that doing yoga these past three months was a huge help and prepared me for labour in a way I didn’t think would be possible.  Thank you for all your help.”

  Briar Harvey











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